Easter Holiday fun on the Ice Rink

I can’t believe we are into winter mode here at Tekapo Springs! The boys have started laying the winter rubber mats so all you skaters can order your coffee in the café without taking your skates off!

The ice-rink will officially open on the 18th April, but keep an eye out on the website as there may be ice a few days before that. With the temperatures dropping we are hoping to start layering the ice from Friday this week (11th April).

To help us celebrate the opening we have Eddie Simon coming down to entertain us from 6-9pm on Good Friday. If you have not heard Eddie then here’s your chance! Come and hear a great range of music – there is no-one that can read a crowd and their musical preferences quite like Eddie!

Eddie Simon

Eddie Simon

This month is Global Astronomy Month and to celebrate we are hosting an Ice Disco with the help from our friends at Earth and Sky on Friday 25th of April! The Ice Skating with the Stars evening will run from 4pm-7pm and we encourage you all to come dressed up in the theme of anything Cosmic. We will have prizes for the best costume as well as activities and games with the Earth and Sky astronomers. It’s going to be a great evening for the entire family.

Tekapo Springs Ice Rink

Tekapo Springs Ice Rink

Being a bit of a sun bunny, I am sad to see the long days pass and the days grow shorter – but the one thing that keeps me going is the tremendous buzz around Tekapo Springs throughout the winter season. This place simply rocks and I couldn’t think of a better place to work! So come and see us soon.



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