Meet the Team- Matt’s Top Seven Things to do in Lake Tekapo

Matt is our Product and Services Manager at Tekapo Springs and we managed to track him down to give us a list of his top seven things to do in Lake Tekapo.



Right, Semi local – I have only been in Tekapo a bit over 3 years so while I consider myself a local and know most of the locals I’m not sure if I could claim to be a local local. I still say I’m ex Christchurch but am finding that is used less and less these days…
Ok, my top seven things to do in Tekapo in no particular order and should be done with the kids and family:

  1. Get a fishing rod and go for a fish – doesn’t matter if it is the canal, in one of the many streams, off a boat or at the top of the lake. My favorite is fishing the streams at the top of Lake Tekapo with a fly rod as the sun is coming up.
  2. Go to Roundhill Ski Field – get up to the von Brown hut , have a drink, and check out Mt Cook and Lake Tekapo.
  3. Eat a Merino sausage.
  4. Check out the stars on a clear night.
  5. This next one is biased but sit in the hotpools and watch the full moon rise above Mt Edward in February, March or April
  6. Mountain bike anywhere around the village – the Lake Tekapo Regional park is excellent
  7. Support any of the local events throughout the year – fete in March, giant jumble sale in October and many more.

    Lake Tekapo NZ Made Fete

    Lake Tekapo NZ Made Fete. This year it will be held on Sunday 16th of March


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