Health & Safety

Jeff Smith

Hi my name is Jeff Smith and I am the Operations Manager here at Tekapo Springs.

My job is all about making sure you keep safe while enjoying yourself. Like many tourism activity businesses, we offer a range of activities, passive and not so passive! I make sure that our pools, rink and tube park operate safely and with minimal risk to you our customer. I also make sure that all our services are working and that we have a nice warm fire for you to sit by


There is nothing better in the middle of winter than ice-skating outdoors or racing down the snow tube on a specialized inflatable tube. When our staff check to make sure that your scarves are tucked in, that you’re wearing a helmet and that you have suitable footwear – they are just making sure that you enjoy the adrenalin fun filled tube ride safely!

Tekapo Springs has always been innovative in its approach to Health and Safety including being the first ice rink to provide free helmets to skaters using a very successful ‘Mind your Melon’ campaign to encourage helmet wear. As the business grows, Tekapo Springs is constantly reviewing Health and Safety to ensure best practice.

I make sure our staff are qualified to assist you and because we are somewhat remote and rely on volunteer services – staff are trained to a very high level of emergency care.

Come and enjoy the hot pools – especially when the snow is on the ground – magical. Tekapo Springs is an amazing place to work and there is real satisfaction in seeing so many people having a great time – safely!

Jeff Smith

Operation Manager, Tekapo Springs


Fun with Ice

313074_10150321974648910_1832501499_nHey Guys, my name is Sam aka Ginge and I’m 21 years old! I started skating when I was 8 years old and took to the ice like a fish to water! Throughout my skating career I was a five X NZ national ice figure skating champion and a four X NZ international representative. When I was living in Norway on an AFS student exchange I was luck enough to be able to carry on skating being trained by one of the best coaches in Scandinavia and training along side the top skaters in Norway! This was an amazing experience and a lot of hard work!

                                   Be prepared – it can get cold:

Ice rinks aren’t the warmest place s so make sure you dress warmly- layers are a good way to go then as you can take each one off as you get warmer. Gloves, beanie, scarf and woolly socks aren’t item you can forget!

                        Below is a summary and picture of what figure skating really is? Different skills and most important – Fun!

IMG_4725                         What is figure skating?

Figure skating is a sport in which ice skaters, singly or in pairs; perform freestyle movements of jumps, spins, lifts and footwork in a graceful manner. Its name derives from the patterns (or figures) skaters make on the ice. There are various kinds of figure skating, including freestyle, pairs, ice dance and synchronized team skating.

                               Basic Skills:

                                                                                                  Sit down and stand up:

To stand up , roll over onto hands and knees. (In a dog position) Place one foot between the hands then with the other foot, balance and then push up from a kneeling position one hand on your knee the other on the ice – to a standing position

IMG_4608                   Forward 2-foot spin:

Put your arms in a L shape, bend your knees, making sure your body position stays straight. At the same time you rise upwards bring both of your arms tight into your body (pretending you are hugging your favorite teddy bear) see how many revolutions you can get?

                  Marching forward:

With arms extended parallel to the ice and held slightly in front, lift one foot and then the other. Do this action like a soldier. Using a marching action, move forward. Then place 2 feet together shoulder width apart bend knees slightly- and hold for a count of 4 seconds.

                                                                                               Marching Backwards:

Exactly the same body position as the forward marching. Your feet are in a diamond shape with the toe picks together, push/ step away from your body. Remember to keep your head up high not looking at your feet.

For more lessons and fun see you all at Tekapo Springs this winter. I guarantee that fun is to the sky

Make the most of the summer

Make the most of the last summer weekends with our special Trippo offer. Tekapo Springs offers an amazing experience  for you to remember this end of summer with loads of fun .
Purchase a Trippo pass and pay only $10.00 for a hot pool entry.

Escape     Relax     Fun


Terms & Conditions:-

Offer valid on 28th February / 1st March and 7th / 8th March 2015.
Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer
Offer can only be used on the date of purchase

For all enquires and bookings please contact Tekapo Springs on 03 680 6550 or visit

Easter Holiday fun on the Ice Rink

I can’t believe we are into winter mode here at Tekapo Springs! The boys have started laying the winter rubber mats so all you skaters can order your coffee in the café without taking your skates off!

The ice-rink will officially open on the 18th April, but keep an eye out on the website as there may be ice a few days before that. With the temperatures dropping we are hoping to start layering the ice from Friday this week (11th April).

To help us celebrate the opening we have Eddie Simon coming down to entertain us from 6-9pm on Good Friday. If you have not heard Eddie then here’s your chance! Come and hear a great range of music – there is no-one that can read a crowd and their musical preferences quite like Eddie!

Eddie Simon

Eddie Simon

This month is Global Astronomy Month and to celebrate we are hosting an Ice Disco with the help from our friends at Earth and Sky on Friday 25th of April! The Ice Skating with the Stars evening will run from 4pm-7pm and we encourage you all to come dressed up in the theme of anything Cosmic. We will have prizes for the best costume as well as activities and games with the Earth and Sky astronomers. It’s going to be a great evening for the entire family.

Tekapo Springs Ice Rink

Tekapo Springs Ice Rink

Being a bit of a sun bunny, I am sad to see the long days pass and the days grow shorter – but the one thing that keeps me going is the tremendous buzz around Tekapo Springs throughout the winter season. This place simply rocks and I couldn’t think of a better place to work! So come and see us soon.


Meet the Team- Matt’s Top Seven Things to do in Lake Tekapo

Matt is our Product and Services Manager at Tekapo Springs and we managed to track him down to give us a list of his top seven things to do in Lake Tekapo.



Right, Semi local – I have only been in Tekapo a bit over 3 years so while I consider myself a local and know most of the locals I’m not sure if I could claim to be a local local. I still say I’m ex Christchurch but am finding that is used less and less these days…
Ok, my top seven things to do in Tekapo in no particular order and should be done with the kids and family:

  1. Get a fishing rod and go for a fish – doesn’t matter if it is the canal, in one of the many streams, off a boat or at the top of the lake. My favorite is fishing the streams at the top of Lake Tekapo with a fly rod as the sun is coming up.
  2. Go to Roundhill Ski Field – get up to the von Brown hut , have a drink, and check out Mt Cook and Lake Tekapo.
  3. Eat a Merino sausage.
  4. Check out the stars on a clear night.
  5. This next one is biased but sit in the hotpools and watch the full moon rise above Mt Edward in February, March or April
  6. Mountain bike anywhere around the village – the Lake Tekapo Regional park is excellent
  7. Support any of the local events throughout the year – fete in March, giant jumble sale in October and many more.

    Lake Tekapo NZ Made Fete

    Lake Tekapo NZ Made Fete. This year it will be held on Sunday 16th of March


Hi Everybody I’m Sam most commonly known as Ginge.

Sam at Tekapo Pool

Sam posing in the snow at Tekapo Pool

I have been a member of the Tekapo springs staff for coming up two years in July and I love working here. I came to Tekapo after living abroad in Norway on a student exchange for a year.  As with most things, coming back with absolutely no money was  the down side and of course I needed to work. I dug through all of my contacts and ended up landing a job at Tekapo Springs working as a skate hire attendant and coach (my being a NZ representative for Figure Ice skating in 2010 came in quite handy).

After the winter was up I was offered a permanent position and then trained as a receptionist, tube park attendant and also gained my NZ life guard qualifications. As I can work in most departments, no day  is ever the same, which makes everyday fun, exciting and sometimes totally new.

As for my plans for the rest of the year. I’m off to Canada this Saturday (15th Feb) for a 5 week winter wonderland holiday. I am going  to go skiing at whistler- walk around Stanley Park and skate my heart out at their many ice rinks. Can’t wait!

In preparation I’m just off to get my eye brows waxed- not one for pain- wish me luck 🙂 

Find out more about our Day Spa where I’m getting by eye brows done here

Snow tube park

Some of the Tekapo Springs Team test running the Snow Tube Park

Meet the Team – Sam