Health & Safety

Jeff Smith

Hi my name is Jeff Smith and I am the Operations Manager here at Tekapo Springs.

My job is all about making sure you keep safe while enjoying yourself. Like many tourism activity businesses, we offer a range of activities, passive and not so passive! I make sure that our pools, rink and tube park operate safely and with minimal risk to you our customer. I also make sure that all our services are working and that we have a nice warm fire for you to sit by


There is nothing better in the middle of winter than ice-skating outdoors or racing down the snow tube on a specialized inflatable tube. When our staff check to make sure that your scarves are tucked in, that you’re wearing a helmet and that you have suitable footwear – they are just making sure that you enjoy the adrenalin fun filled tube ride safely!

Tekapo Springs has always been innovative in its approach to Health and Safety including being the first ice rink to provide free helmets to skaters using a very successful ‘Mind your Melon’ campaign to encourage helmet wear. As the business grows, Tekapo Springs is constantly reviewing Health and Safety to ensure best practice.

I make sure our staff are qualified to assist you and because we are somewhat remote and rely on volunteer services – staff are trained to a very high level of emergency care.

Come and enjoy the hot pools – especially when the snow is on the ground – magical. Tekapo Springs is an amazing place to work and there is real satisfaction in seeing so many people having a great time – safely!

Jeff Smith

Operation Manager, Tekapo Springs


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