Hi Everybody I’m Sam most commonly known as Ginge.

Sam at Tekapo Pool

Sam posing in the snow at Tekapo Pool

I have been a member of the Tekapo springs staff for coming up two years in July and I love working here. I came to Tekapo after living abroad in Norway on a student exchange for a year.  As with most things, coming back with absolutely no money was  the down side and of course I needed to work. I dug through all of my contacts and ended up landing a job at Tekapo Springs working as a skate hire attendant and coach (my being a NZ representative for Figure Ice skating in 2010 came in quite handy).

After the winter was up I was offered a permanent position and then trained as a receptionist, tube park attendant and also gained my NZ life guard qualifications. As I can work in most departments, no day  is ever the same, which makes everyday fun, exciting and sometimes totally new.

As for my plans for the rest of the year. I’m off to Canada this Saturday (15th Feb) for a 5 week winter wonderland holiday. I am going  to go skiing at whistler- walk around Stanley Park and skate my heart out at their many ice rinks. Can’t wait!

In preparation I’m just off to get my eye brows waxed- not one for pain- wish me luck 🙂 

Find out more about our Day Spa where I’m getting by eye brows done here http://www.tekaposprings.co.nz/tekapo-springs-day-spa

Snow tube park

Some of the Tekapo Springs Team test running the Snow Tube Park


Meet the Team – Sam

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