Hi everyone

I hope that despite the patchy weather you have all had a relaxing January and had time to recharge the batteries! I know that many came to escape, relax and have some fun here at Tekapo Springs – because we have had one of the best January’s since we opened 7 years ago! In fact 25th January was our 7th birthday!

Girls ride the Trippo

Girls ride the Trippo

To all of you going back to school – have a great year. It is Murphy’s law that as everyone settles back into routine, the weather begins to pick up. So that means we are looking forward to a great February with lots of sunshine. Trippo has been extremely popular this summer and we hope the weather will continue to stay warm as we have planned to keep this open until the end of March. If you haven’t already – come and have a go, it is a blast!

Summer Tube

Kids ride tandem down the Summer Tube

Take care – be good to yourselves and have an amazing 2014.




Slide down the Trippo Water slide!


Welcoming in the New Year

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