It’s a Bumper Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas everyone! What a great year 2013 has been. Tekapo had the biggest snowfall in 20 years in June. It was no hardship, in fact it brought our team even closer as we spent four days digging our way out of almost a metre of snow! Early morning cuppas and toast around the fire to warm ourselves before picking up the shovel again. The good thing was we were able to keep the pools open and many of those stranded here enjoyed the warmth of the water and the spectacular views of the blue lake against a backdrop of white.

On the other side of the seasonal coin we have introduced our new summer product the TRIPPO. This was another amazing time as we all prepared for its arrival! There was lots of excitement and anticipation and when it did arrive there was a great sense of pride in getting it set up and ready for action. I have to admit that I pulled rank and was the first to ‘test’ it. Amazing! So much FUN! Many of the staff updated their CV’s in case things went wrong for me! It has been operating for about 6 weeks now and without exception, everyone who has tried it have had wide smiles! This alone has made the investment worthwhile. I am looking forward to a few more rides with the grandchildren over the Christmas holidays. I hope you will all join me and try this fun new product.


TRIPPO water slide ready to go at Tekapo Springs

The team here at Tekapo Springs are amazing. It has been a busy year with a lot of internal changes to support the growth of the business and everyone just pulls together and ensure the job gets done. There will be no holiday breaks for them as we head into our busy summer season but I know that they get a huge amount of satisfaction from seeing others enjoy themselves. If you come to Tekapo during the holidays, be sure to pop in and say hi. We will be open 10am through to 9pm every day (bar New Year’s Eve) when we will close at 7pm. Even the team deserve a couple of hours to get ready to welcome in 2014! Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!




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