The Trippo Waterslide is coming to Tekapo Springs!

This is the world’s largest inflatable water slide and at present there are only three of its kind operating in the USA.  Tekapo Springs will have the very first one outside of the States!


This photo is taken of the Trippo water slide operating in the USA.

Staff at Tekapo Springs are buzzing with excitement about seeing this new slide, and we’re waiting in anticipation for the slide to arrive into Christchurch by ship.  We’re expecting it to arrive on Wednesday 9 October, which isn’t far away!

The slide will then be transported to Tekapo Springs and we will construct it with the help and support of our American manufacturer.  It will start to take shape before the end of October so that we can test it before the official opening on 1st November.  This immense slide will be seen from the main highway, standing an impressive 11 metres high and 53 metres long!

At present over 22 tonnes of concrete weights are being constructed which will be used to anchor the slide on the rink.  We are also working with technical experts to ensure all the logistics of operating this amazing slide are well taken care of!

Watch this space for the next Trippo update…


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