Blog from the GM’s desk

I am sitting at work catching up on some of the paper work that tends to accumulate and wondering have we started our summer season or not? It is October 13 and the snow is falling, the visibility is almost nil and yet we have a stream of happy customers coming to experience Tekapo Springs.

The pools are full of people in awe of the whole crazy weather pattern and the café is humming with visitors enjoying lunch and coffee. In fact this morning was our best al fresco dining numbers to date!! Go figure – so fickle is this wonderful business called tourism.

I often wonder and put myself in the shoes of our customers to think about what it is that makes a great experience? We live in times that the choice of leisure activities is limitless and yet – more and more I see families simply wanting quality family time. Just doing something to relax and enjoy each other’s company. How often do we see the whole family on bikes enjoying what is around them or having a picnic by the lake or just taking a walk. It costs very little to capture what we as children in the 50’s and 60’s simply took for granted. So when it comes to spending money, there has to be real value.

The pools never fail to deliver a whole family experience – what do they say, “wherever there is water kids are happy!” And despite it being zero (or below!) the kids here today are having a ball! The weather may have prevented us from opening the summer tube slide and the inline/roller rink but there is always another day to enjoy those. Today is really quite magical if you want to see the cup half full!

The big winner for us has been the Day Spa – with a steady stream of ladies all luxuriating in an hour or two of absolute indulgence. Having said that I wonder if there is a space for me – what better way to make a bad weather day bright!




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