Winter is coming

With plummeting temperatures and the occasional skiff of snow winter is fast approaching. As a result of the changing seasons Tekapo Springs has seen some recent changes. The Summer Tube ride has been taken down and put into storage for the winter after it’s first season. The new addition to Tekapo Springs has been a great success in enhancing Tekapo Springs summer activity capacity.

Summer Tube at Tekapo Springs

Summer Tube at Tekapo Springs

In addition to the Summer Tube being packed away and the Tube Park being prepped for snowmaking and Snow Tubing, the matts have been put in place on rink side. Club curling and Ice Hockey are in full swing as is the Social Curling scene on Wednesday nights. Put a team together (4 people) and come on down to enjoy the weekly event. On Friday and Saturday nights Tekapo Springs hosts Ice Discos, great music, lighting and a fully licensed and very cosy café making it a great night for all. Ice Discos are held weekly from 8pm to 10pm.

Ice Hockey Game at Tekapo Springs

Tekapo Springs also works closely with Ice Hockey clubs from around New Zealand to host exhibition games and training camps in addition to the regular Ice Hockey games held here in Tekapo. These tournaments often take place in the early hours over weekends as not to disrupt public skating. But come along and enjoy the spectacle, it’s not uncommon to spot a few Ice Blacks from our national team going at it on the ice.


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