We got a great award at the Mackenzie Highland Show!

Tekapo Springs won the Best Promotional Trade Exhibit at the Mackenzie Highland A & P Show on Easter Monday – and in the process we gave away more than 3000 mini-summer tube rides to delighted children, sold about 400 Thar Burgers, and told the world about our new name and the super-duper Mackenzie Pass.

Tekapo Springs Summer Tube

Tekapo Springs Summer Tube

There were 400 trade sites and it’s one of the largest one day A & P Shows in Australasia, and this year there were more than 4000 animals exhibited.

We’ve got New Zealand’s first summer tube at our resort and the operations team worked hard to create a smaller version at the showgrounds. There were queues 6-10 deep all day as the kids lined up to have a go down the green artifical matting, which has the same slippery qualities as snow. The team worked hard in glorious weather to make sure all the rides were fast and safe….so we hope to see a lot of them coming to Tekapo Springs to summer tube – or winter tube -on the bigger slope.

Summer tube at mackenzie show

Summer tube at mackenzie show

The Thar Burgers were sold as fast as we could make them and a lot of people just wanted to taste the meat, which has a mild venison taste. Our expanded Thar Bar and Cafe has a lovely big stone fireplace so come and enjoy crisp winter days with us.

We were especially delighted at our award and we had as much fun as anyone revelling in a great mood on a superb autumn’s day in the magical Mackenzie.


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