Tahr bar & cafe gets bigger!

The Tahr Bar & Café has just been expanded at Tekapo Springs. The renovations include a new fireplace, expansion of the café and the addition of an outdoor patio area with stunning views over Lake Tekapo. The renovations come just in time for the Easter holidays and co inside with the brand change to Tekapo Springs.

Expanded Cafe and new fireplace

Expanded Cafe and new fireplace


The new fireplace features a split indoor and outdoor fire. One side will be heating the café keeping you warm and toasty over those cold winter months.  The other side will provide warmth as you watch the activities on the skating rink.


New Patio

New Patio

Stonemasons are currently putting the final touches on the fireplace and chimney maintaining the Mackenzie high country feel. The menu at Tekapo Springs also continues to grow under the guidance of Rod Turner the customer experience manager. Come an try our famous Tahr burger with a relaxing glass of red wine.  The Mackenzie Platter is another great culinary secret hidden on the slopes of Mt John. Enjoy a selection of delectable produce sourced from the wider Mackenzie region: Merino lamb fillet, smoked salmon, pate of the house, Talbot Forest cheese selection, salami, olives, sundried tomato, rice crackers, sliced baguette, Barkers’ chutney and Heartland potato crisps


The Tahr Bar & Café… See you soon.


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