New name for Bar and Cafe

The licensed bar and café at Alpine Springs Lake Tekapo looks over the turquoise waters of Lake Tekapo and towards the Two Thumb Range. With the recent appointment of a new manager, we’ve given the café and bar a new name ahead of changes to the menu and wine list.

It’s now the Tahr Bar and Café, under the management of Rod Turner, former hospitality services tutor, food and beverage manager and owner-operator of Café Peppers in Christchurch.

Rod plans to put an even greater emphasis on local, fresh and seasonal foods, and to introduce venison as well as fish options. He believes visitors want to experience original regional fare as they travel.

As well as just sounding great, the Tahr Bar and Café pays tribute to the Monarch of the Mountains, the magnificent Himalayan tahr herds that live in the alpine grasslands. For more than a century they have lived in the Southern Alps, and are now managed to keep their total population below 10,000.

The tahr is a very social animal and lives in family groups. The Tahr Bar and Café is going to Monteith’s Wildfoods Festival at Hokitika in March – and will be serving Tahr Burgers!

Alpine Springs Hot Pools

Alpine Springs Hot Pools


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