Our Magic Carpet

Last week’s blog was on the wonders of Alpine Springs as a winter wonderland. This is a follow up based on our most exciting new feature that will help you get the most out of your winter fun!

This is a Magic Carpet exposé.

Our brand new, fantastic Magic Carpet really is quite a marvel.

Firstly lets look at the brand. The brand is world renowned Sunkid. Sunkid have more that 2,200 installations for wonder/magic carpets in 45 countries, worldwide. In fact, they even hold the world record with one wonder carpet that is 400m in length with a 60kW motor, which make it travel at 1.2m per second!!! Wow, what an amazing piece of engineering!



To put some perspective on that, our snow-tubing slope is 150m long and our Magic Carpet is 69m in length. The world record make ours look tiny, but ours is going to help you get up that slope faster nonetheless!

Alpine Springs Magic Carpet

Our Magic Carpet, installed and waiting for snow!

Now how fast will you be going you ask? Don’t worry; you won’t clock up any speed tickets or get speed wobbles on our Magic Carpet. Our magic carpet has a much smaller motor of 7.5kW and will travel at a comfortable speed of 0.2m – 0.7 per second.  Don’t that fool you though, our Magic Carpet will be able to take up to 830 people per hour! That’s about the population of Tekapo two and half times over…in one hour!!!

So, what does the addition of the magic carpet mean? It means you no longer have to trudge your way up the slope to go back down. Instead, once you’re at the bottom, just jump on the magic carpet and cruise your way back to the top, quickly and effortlessly, so you can send yourself zooming back down! This is great for everyone because you get more bang for your buck by getting more turns. And parents, this means you don’t have to chase the kids up the hill anymore.

Snow tubing at Alpine Springs

Snow tubing at Alpine Springs

This winter make sure you head on down to Alpine Springs and check out our newest fun-filled feature.


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