Ice Ice Baby

The temperature is dropping, winter is coming and we’ve started to make ice, ice baby!

On the 15th of April the ice skating rink will be officially OPEN! This is just in time for the Easter school holidays and not near soon enough for all of the eager ice skaters and ice hockey players around the area.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating

The rink will be open for public skating all day on April 15th and if you want to get involved in learn to skate or ice hockey, registration will also be on April 15th at 5pm.

Ice hockey at Alpine Springs

Ice hockey at Alpine Springs

The ice skating rink opening is the official farewell to summer and big hello to winter. This year the ice rink will bring with the usual fun and games!

Every Friday and Saturday night from 8pm we will turn on the party lights, get the music pumping and give out spot prizes at our ice discos. During the winter months we will be having theme and event nights on the ice. We will be reliving all the fun of last year’s mid winter swim/ mankini vs bikini curling shoot out by doing it all over again this year…as well as a few other exciting things we have up our sleeves.

Mankini vs Bikini

Mankini vs Bikini

Ice hockey is a focal point of the winter season here! It has been played in New Zealand for over 70 years and it’s not showing any signs of stopping. The Tekapo Bull Tahrs will be gearing up for another great season of hockey and prep for the Erewhon cup. In case you don’t know what the Erewhon cup is, it is the oldest ice hockey cup in New Zealand and since the 1980s has been contested by teams from the Southern Ice Hockey League
. The trophy was donated by Wyndham Barker when the first ever, organised hockey tournament was played at Opawa, near Albury, in 1937. The Erewhon Cup has some special rules. The rules state it must be played on natural ice outdoors, teams are limited to ten on-ice players with centre ice checking only. These rules have been bent somewhat to accommodate the changing weather in New Zealand. The Erewhon Cup will be hosted by Naseby this year, and for the 70th jubilee in 2012, Alpine Springs will again host this special ice hockey tournament. The Tekapo Bull Tahrs won the trophy last in 2009, can they pull it off this year? Lets hope so!

2009 Erewhon cup winners

2009 Erewhon cup winners

As for other hockey tournaments, we already have a couple booked in with the Aardwolves having their tournament on May13th until May 15th. And the U16 Bantams will be having theirs on Sunday July 3rd.

For any information on the ice skating rink, public skating times, hockey session and ice discos please visit our website. And for ice skating rink fun and excitement this chilly season, head on down to Alpine Springs, we can’t wait to see you all there!


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