Ruth came, Ruth saw and Ruth conquered at the Fete.

Last week our blog was on Ruth aka Mother Goose. You may remember that she was entered in the Scone and Barista competitions at the Mackenzie High Country Fete, which was this Sunday just been.

As I arrived at the Fete, Ruth was in full swing at the Barista competition trying to impress the judges by showcasing her talents with a Cappuccino, a Flat White and a Latte. There was a small crowd of Alpine Springs staff there, cheering her on, but Ruth was concentrating so hard (as seen in the photo below) we weren’t sure if she heard us or not. While this excitement was going on, Ruth’s cheese scones were being judged.

Ruth in the Barista competition

Ruth in the Barista competition

Now, remember last week how I mentioned these scones, how delicious they were and how Ruth would tell me the recipe, but she’d have to kill me? Well, the story goes that when the judges ate Ruth’s secret recipe cheese scones, their faces involuntarily winced in delight. Can you guess what placing Ruth received? That’s right, first place! She came, she saw, she conquered! We were ever so pleased with Ruth and she now has the certificate (and a bottle of bubbles) to show off at work.

Lets go back to the Barista competition where our very talented Ruth gained her self a very respectable 3rd place. We have some talent in our kitchen; two podium finishes in one day! Well done Ruth, you’ve done us proud.

Ruth and her prizes.

Ruth and her prizes.

The whole day was complete success. The Fete was lovely; it was buzzing with people from the community and visitors from further abroad showing off their wares, enjoying a fun filled day of eating, drinking, entertainment and good friends.

To finish off, this was just one of the many sights from the Fete, this tiny, novel steam powered tractor was showcased (and ridden) all day. If you click there the photo or here, you can see a video of it going!

Steam tractor

Mini steam tractor


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