Alpine Springs’ Mother Goose at the Mackenzie High Country Fete

This week’s blog is an up close and personal of one of our long serving staff members; Ruth. Ruth is the cook here at Alpine Springs cafe, she has worked here for just over two years and has become like part of the woodwork.

Ruth is commonly known as Mother Goose or Aunty Ruth as she is often the mother figure for the many young travellers that work at Alpine Springs, offering advice and support much like mum, only not on the other side of the world. Ruth often says that working at Alpine Springs is like traveling with out leaving home as she gets to work with and meet so many interesting people from all over the world. Almost everyday Ruth brings in flowers from her garden to brighten up the place and has been quite the motivator in getting staff to contribute to the Chch earthquake fund, as we all know ‘mothers’ can be quite the driving force.

A painting of ruth the cook

A painting of Ruth - Mother Goose

The name Mother Goose also crosses over into Ruth’s fantastic cooking; Ruth’s style is good old fashioned home cooking, like mum used to make. Because “everyone loves their mum’s cooking” Ruth says “I pride myself on the fact that everything we cook is made on site and in homemaker fashion.”  Ruth will be using that good old-fashioned home style cooking to take out the competition at this weekend’s Mackenzie High Country Fete. The scone competition is very highly regarded around these parts and Ruth has a few tricks up her sleeve for this weekend. She is making a good old-fashioned cheese scone…with her secret recipe. I did try to weasel it out of her, but unfortunately said that if she told me she’d have to kill me, so I stopped asking questions. I have been lucky enough to be a Guinea Pig for the scones…and just quietly, they are amazing!!!! We’re hoping for a placing…preferably first!

Not only is Ruth representing Alpine Springs in the scone competition, she will also be showing off her coffee skills in the Barista competition! This summer Alpine Springs coffee was judge the best coffee in Tekapo alongside Mt John café. So, we are hoping for some great results in this competition too!

The Mackenzie High Country Fete is this Sunday, March 13th at the Mt John homestead. So, if you are in Tekapo this weekend, come on down and give Ruth some support!


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