A blast from the past.

We’ve been digging through the archives and have found some beaut blasts from the past to jog the memories of any old Tekapo locals.

1962(64)ish Bull Tahr Hockey Team

1962(64)ish Bull Tahr Hockey Team

1962(64)ish Bull Tahr Hockey Team

This is a photo of the Tekapo Ice Hockey Team from 1962-64 (ish). This team were the holders of the Erewhon Cup, as you can read fro the Newspaper clipping. We have these photos on our Facebook page; so if you recognize anyone in these photos, please tag them

Here’s some info for your files: the owners of Erewhon Station up the Rangitata Valley donated this trophy back in 1937. The Trophy is one of the oldest sporting trophies in the country and was traditionally played for by teams from mainly South Canterbury including; Mt. Harper, Opawa, Tekapo, Fairlie and has since been played for by Southern league teams. The Erewhon Cup has some special rules. The rules state it must be played on natural ice outdoors, teams are limited to ten on ice players with center ice checking only. These rules have been bent somewhat to accommodate the changing weather in New Zealand. The Erewhon Cup will be hosted by Naseby this year, and for the 70th jubilee in 2012, Alpine Springs will again host this special ice hockey tournament.

The 2009 Tekapo Bull Tahr Hockey team who won the Erewhon cup for the first time since 1964.

2009 Tekapo Bull Tahr hockey team

Here is our victorious team; the Tekapo Bull Tahr won the Erewhon Cup in 2009 for the first time since 1964!


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