A wet Christmas and farewell to 2010

Welcome back everyone, we hope you had a great Christmas holiday and are gearing for your New Year holiday and plenty of celebrations!

If you have been in the South Island at all over Christmas you will know how bad the weather has been, for those who haven’t; let me explain. Its been wet….VERY wet!

We have had so much rain that Lake Tekapo has completely swallowed the boat ramp!

There has been flooding everywhere, the Rangitata river was at 4000L cubed ….thats 4million liters of water rushing through a minute! SH1 is blocked in a lots of places, leaving holiday travelers to take detours through the farmland and the Rakaia bridge was close to flooding.


On the bright side the weather has picked up here, its beautiful and sunny again. it snowed last night so the mountains are looking nicely dusted over the top of Lake Tekapo making Alpine Springs a great setting to relax and look out over the Lake towards the mountains. 

Its been all humming here with the roller rink cranking and the pools fully of happy travelers in the last week of 2010. But, just like all good things the year is coming to a close and this will be the last posting for this year, however there is plenty of exciting stuff to look forward to in 2011.

We will be hosing our very own country and blues concert on the 26th of March. This winter we will have a new magic carpet for the tubing slope and as mentioned in our last posting, Magic Memories is now up and running so look out for our photographers to have your holiday moments captured forever.

To finish off the year I have some inspiration on a popular New Year resolution, weight loss. This is the loop hole from Jay Leno: Now there are more overweight people than there are average-weight people. So, now overweight is average…which means you have already achieved your new year’s resolution.


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