The Hot Pools

The Hot Pools

Alpine Springs offers three adjoining main Hot Pools landscaped in local Greywacke rock and surrounded by the regions native alpine plants to create a natural setting. Pool temperatures range from thirty six degrees Celsius to forty degrees Celsius. The pools have benched seating around the edges so you can sit back, relax and soak.

Pukaki Pool by night.

Each pool takes the shape of a lake in the area giving them a natural feel and offering many private seating arrangements. Each pool offers something different in the latest technology – massage jets to assist in taking away any aches and pains and fountains to splash under. Each of these three pools are forty square meters of surface area and a meter deep at their deepest point. The three main Pools have been strategically placed on site to take best advantage of the wonderful views looking out over Lake Tekapo and the Two Thumb mountain range. The site is surrounded by beautiful Radiata and Douglas fir trees which keep the area relatively windless.

Also coming soon…

Six private hot tubs. These hot tubs will be half covered and offer massage jets, privacy and wonderful views. Temperatures in these pools will be adjustable, so you can soak in any temperature you desire. Most importantly, you will be tucked away privately.

Opening date to be confirmed.

A new activities and lap pool is currently being planned to widen the Alpine Springs pool experience. This new pool will be designed to cater for cooler temperatures over the summer months, offering exercise swimming lanes for swimmers and a dedicated children’s play area.

Opening date to be confirmed.



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