Hello world, we are Alpine Springs.

Welcome to the Alpine springs blog.

This is a quick introduction to who we are, what we do and our commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Alpine Springs overlooks Lake Tekapo, in South Canterbury New Zealand. Alpine Springs has spectacular views out to Lake Tekapo and the Southern Alps. We have 3 Large Hot Pools, Skating Rink (ice in winter and roller/inline in summer), snow tubing slope, Day Spa and Cafe.

The site location, which is tucked under the southern side of Mount John on the shores of Lake Tekapo, has long been the home of ice rinks. As ECNZ (Electricity Corporation New Zealand) raised lake levels through the seventies and eighties, the old rinks submerged and new natural rinks were created at the present site, some one hundred feet higher than the existing rinks.

A view from the top.

Two natural springs filled the rinks every autumn and froze as the temperatures dropped and the sun’s aperture changed as winter approached. These two alpine springs are the same water source that fill our new hot pools and are subsequently heated by our energy-efficient heat recovery system.

With climate change and warming temperatures, the reliability of forming natural ice has become difficult. Hence the need for a refrigeration plant to artificially freeze an ice surface.  As a by-product of the freezing process, the refrigeration plant produces a lot of heat. Instead of letting this heat energy escape into the air unused, we use this energy, by way of heat exchangers, to heat our hot pools.

As a result of this sustainable and environmentally friendly energy use, we are getting an energy efficiency of 1:4. So for every kilowatt we put into pumping water through our refrigeration plant (or cooling Glycol for the ice rink) we get a whooping 4 kilowatts back, sometimes more. Great technology and sustainability utilizing energy to its fullest, and all for your pleasure!!

That’s not all! Our very modern pool plant has the latest environmentally friendly filtering system using a giant sand filter and a minimal chlorine based WAPOTECH dosing system. This means our filtering process requires no substances (Such as DE or Diatomaceous Earth as many pools use) that leave any toxic residue to deal with. Secondly, our WAPOTECH water cleansing agents allow us to use minimal chlorine to attain fresh, clear and safe spring water for our bathers.

Much of the rock and timber extracted from our site has been used for retaining and building purposes. The main building has been clad in Douglas Fur timber cut and milled on site. All the rock work (retaining walls, feature rocks, landscaping etc) has been done from rocks extracted from our site. Alpine Springs is truly a unique destination offering a unique mix of recreation and relaxation with exceptional sustainability.

A view from the skating rink.

To make snow for our tubing slope, Alpine Springs has purchased two automated ‘super pole cat’ snow makers capable of covering our 150 meter by 50 meter slope in twelve hours of snow making. The water taken from the lake for heating the pools will also go via our snow making system – the cooler the water, the easier it is to make snow.


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